The Power of Silence

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In our culture it is taught, to try and say the answer immediately. Everybody knows sometimes I contemplate the question.

Silence is a very powerful tool. It for some reason is uncomfortable here, but not in many other parts of the world. Sometimes I don’t say anything and the other person will start negotiating with themselves.

I need to think about if that offer works for me. Sometimes at Mitsubishi we would sit for minutes and not say anything.

Sometimes the COO would mutter under his breath in Japanese “idiot” with a smile on his face and his head cocked like he was talking to himself when somebody couldn’t stop instantly talking.

You should have all of the obvious one’s thought out and be able to respond instantly. That’s a given. That’s called being prepared. I would say not knowing the market cap of your publicly traded competitor is not being prepared.

But if you are talking to somebody good they are going to ask a question you are not prepared for.

For instance what are your revenues going to look like in a year is an obvious question, and I don’t have a clue is not a prepared answer.

But let’s say the person says: I know this person that is an expert in the field, I want them to join the team. Well now you have to think things out, and what questions to ask.