Testing and Documentation

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What I have heard is developers should be good enough not to write in bugs.

Well this is moronic. I tell people what is it like to have no clue? First and foremost they are writing on top of so many other things that are constantly shifting. The processor kernel software, operating system, data base, languages, routers, switches, and most importantly their fellow developers code.

None of that is static. None of that is like a 2×4 which never changes.

Then you have interpretation. What many people call a bug is not a bug. For instance on a page you can’t hit the browser back button and it tells you that when you do it. BUG!!!! Nope working exactly as designed.

Then mis-interpreting features etc

The support thing makes me laugh so hard. You don’t need support??? No your documentation should be so good.

Ok so you are the only one that is going to be using…….well no actually I won’t be using, Susie, Jane, and Bob are going to actually do the work.