The Customer is Always Right. OR They are not a Customer

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Finish that sentence.

We had a client. They announced a promotion for Saturday and decided to get around to implementing on Thursday. Well of course they just made it up without looking at the product. It was a crazy promotion. Your software has a bug!!! It won’t do our crazy promotion!

Sorry, too bad. Well my business partner stayed up literally night and day to do their promotion. It broke. He fixed it that day.

Then I got the call from the C level execs. You are incompetent. We are going to fire you. I want to make sure that you fire the business partner. Top of lungs, loud incessant.

Finally in exasperation I said look what do you want me to do? Tattoo “BAD CODER” on his forehead. Pause…..well… Guys that was a joke!!!

They are still a customer, I still work with the business partner, and the joke at the office still is when you screw up: Phil is going to tattoo bad coder on your forehead.