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A doubter would say:

Are we sure we put in adequate safety devices? Give me example from similar products.

The problem is it is always easier to come up with a scenario where things go very wrong, and it is impossible to disprove a negative hypothetical.

Not unwarranted because if you take risks as one of those people things can go very bad.

But the problem is to move things forward and not just maintain status quo you have to take risks.

You do want to try and protect yourself against risks, but if you concentrate too hard you will never get out of bed.

What if somebody disables all of the safety devices and puts their hand in a 3d printer? Well we have protective measures, signs, and terms. Prove to me it can’t be done. I can’t prove that.

That’s not good enough!! We can’t sell it.

What if it ships a day late? Our customers will understand, and we will be busting our ass to get it done. No we can’t give them a date until we have absolute proof we will just say they will get it when they get it (you’ll never sell it)