What will happen with Sports?

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Will the leagues and their salaries will be toast? . Maybe you will get one event per year like boxing that makes money, but that’s it.

I wonder because you know who also pays for sports, that don’t watch it at all?? Not to stereotype but my two single female neighbors on either side. When I watch sports my wife literally leaves and they razz me she is a single woman on Sunday afternoons in the fall.

Let’s just take the NBA. ESPN pays about $3B a year for the broadcast rights. That is about half the total revenue and 100% which goes to players. I.e. players make about $3B.https://www.si.com/extra-mu…

There are about 60mm cable subscribers. Let’s start doing the math: ESPN charges about $9 per month per subscriber http://www.businessinsider….

Start working those numbers. I pay ESPN $50/year for the NBA. Hey I understand people love the NBA. My number? Zero. MLB Zero. NHL close to zero. Now I might pay for the NFL but not if they go to flag football. So now work those numbers.

The last thing you want to do as a league is screw cable companies. The owners will go bankrupt. Then the players will be playing for leagues like AAFL, which might exactly be the future.