Timing is Everything

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Everything that sits between the end customer the person parting with the money and business they do that with becomes commoditized.’

Yes for periods of time the business “that they do that with” will pay dearly to be able to get the tools to “do that” And there is nothing wrong making money during that time.

Let’s take, Intel, Dell, Cisco, and Netscape as examples. All made tons of money as the internet needed to get built out.

But do you are I know what browser I am using? How about what computers Disqus is running on? How about their datacenters networking equipment?

So once it becomes a commodity then it becomes the growth of the last person getting paid.

But look at Apple! Apple is the last person getting paid. Do you know any of the suppliers of the parts in your iPhone? Now how about Android? Well the reality is that Google is trying to commoditize the OS layer, but Apple has said I will control the consumer and I will also control the hardware.