What you need for success in Retail: Stand for Something

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You just have to have your niche. Have you heard of Bealls Department Store (pronounced Bells) 500 stores in FL and killing it: https://www.beallsflorida.c…

The opposite is Macy’s

A ton of this is just blocking and tackling LE says about Wawa which also started down here: https://www.wawa.com

Notice a ton of these are private which means they can have a long term view. This is near to my heart We had 20mm transactions in our North American DataCenters on Black Friday this year which provide rewards to retailers that have at least 500k customers. Think about that means 500/second average.

The question is why do people go to you? Bealls for instance is loaded for bear when the snowbirds from the Midwest come to escape the cold. Wawa serves people going to work, and the trades, and lunch. Dollar General builds stores in places like where I live so people can only travel a mile and get basically stuff that they need now instead of driving to the grocery store or Walmart.

People now have infinite choices which means that just having lots of stuff doesn’t work, and sadly when I informally survey most big department stores outside of the city they just aren’t hitting the mark with some sort of mission.

https://vulcansrest.com/ knitting store. Quadrupled in size last year and moved out of town because they were so packed (parking was tough) doing even better now.

You just have to have a USP and I don’t see the big department stores with that.

Not that you can’t be huge you just have to have a USP.

You should really go into a Cabella’s. Maybe not your thing, but visit. From the layout to the merchandise to the staff. I’m talking to a sales associate we are talking about hiking. He says yup I know all about that I was a National Park Ranger for over a decade.

They have malls in Delaware that absolutely are killing it: The 184 store indoor Christiana Mall https://www.christianamall…. The mmSQFT+ outside fashion center: http://christianafashioncen…next door. Costco and Cabellas in separate buildings and another big mall less than a mile away.

Middletown, DE where all the cars are from DE and is too far for tax free people to go to is killing it as well.

Same for the beach outlets: https://www.tangeroutlet.co…