Blog Purpose – My Perspective

I have been building technology companies since the 1980’s

So many things have changed but history doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes.

Technology has changed but the reality is that will continue forever, the principles in how to learn have not. 

Management and business principles have changed, but again the principles have not.

My goal is to unabashedly write from the seasoned Entrepreneur perspective.

One of my core beliefs that to stand for something you HAVE to say what you are not.

I am not a VC

I am not a member of the Press.

I am not a starstruck newbie that thinks this is easy or got lucky on a cycle

Example: Software has radically changed since I started. We started off with client server software and a licensing model, and now we are at SaaS and a MRR model.

Totally different? Nothing to transfer from one to the other? Wrong.

So many of the issues are the same. How do you balance that one big customer, how do you find lighthouse accounts, how do you have the discipline to not whipsaw your developers, how do you orchestrate between departments.

Mark Twain said it best. I have good judgement because of experience, I have experience as the result of bad judgement.

Norman Cohn once told me: Once blessed are those that learn from their mistakes, thrice blessed are those that learn from others.

That in my mind is a good coach, not to give answers or ask questions, but to discuss history and patterns and figure out what matches and what doesn’t.

Edit: I shouldn’t say not. I should say the goal of the questions and answers are to get to patterns.